[Tagging] The OSM philosophy (was: Carriageway divider)

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This not tagging for renderer is quite misleading. I would always
agree that mapping incorrectly for any reason is wrong. But if the
mapping is accurate I do not mind that it is for renderer.
After all these discussions do not show any globally acknowledged way
of modelling reality and renderers/routers seem to be a natural point
of unification (There are not many features rendered by the main
Mapnik style that are not widely mapped...).


2012/8/26 Ilari Kajaste <ilari.kajaste at iki.fi>:
> On 26 August 2012 10:42, Markus Lindholm <markus.lindholm at gmail.com> wrote:
>> We're not supposed to map for the renderer nor the router. Exactly for
>> whom are we to map?
> For nothing, and no one. Which also means: for anything, everything and all.
> The OSM approach - as I understand it - is to collect data about
> reality in best way possible, and let the use of that data come
> afterwards. Let the renderers, routers and whatnot determine how they
> can best utilize the data.
> The reasoning behind that is this: If we map focusing on one single
> case, or even multiple cases, we set ourselves up for bad data that
> just happens to produce the right result in the case we're looking at.
> This easily leads to the data becoming unusable for anything else. If
> we instead map for no particular case, just trying to model reality in
> best way possible, we might not see any end result immediately, but
> the data is left intact, in good quality for any emergent uses we're
> not even thinking about yet.
> I think it's a very, very good approach. Uses come and go, but the
> data is what matters, in the end. It's the data itself, the modelling
> of reality, we need to focus on.
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