[Tagging] The OSM philosophy (was: Carriageway divider)

Ilari Kajaste ilari.kajaste at iki.fi
Sun Aug 26 21:27:41 BST 2012

On 26 August 2012 10:42, Markus Lindholm <markus.lindholm at gmail.com> wrote:
> We're not supposed to map for the renderer nor the router. Exactly for
> whom are we to map?

For nothing, and no one. Which also means: for anything, everything and all.

The OSM approach - as I understand it - is to collect data about
reality in best way possible, and let the use of that data come
afterwards. Let the renderers, routers and whatnot determine how they
can best utilize the data.

The reasoning behind that is this: If we map focusing on one single
case, or even multiple cases, we set ourselves up for bad data that
just happens to produce the right result in the case we're looking at.
This easily leads to the data becoming unusable for anything else. If
we instead map for no particular case, just trying to model reality in
best way possible, we might not see any end result immediately, but
the data is left intact, in good quality for any emergent uses we're
not even thinking about yet.

I think it's a very, very good approach. Uses come and go, but the
data is what matters, in the end. It's the data itself, the modelling
of reality, we need to focus on.

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