[Tagging] Fwd: Door to door routing to buildings with multiple occupants

Ilpo Järvinen ilpo.jarvinen at helsinki.fi
Sun Dec 2 20:40:49 GMT 2012

On Sun, 2 Dec 2012, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:

> 2012/12/2 Kytömaa Lauri <lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi>:
> > Just a reminder that in many countries buildings can have several 
> > addresses, each address on different streets; none of the addresses is 
> > a "primary" address, and all staircases of said building are 
> > referenced just with a letter after any of the possible street 
> > addresses. The numbers can be on a separate lamp on each wall, away 
> > from any entrances. Which means that the house numbers really have to 
> > go as separate nodes inside the building, and each entrance only has 
> > the ref=letter on them. 
> OK for multiple addresses and housenumbers for the same building, you
> have this almost everywhere, but do you have cases where the same
> appartment has multiple addresses?

That's exactly what he's saying.

The addresses here are typically not for a part of the building but for 
the whole building, or actually for land area it's in (lot? parcel? or 
whatever would be proper English word for that land), so it could cover 
even more than one building. And then a totally separate "address space" 
for the apartments is combined to them to get the "full address".
Apartment address space typically follows letter+number scheme. That gives 
you 1ststreet numberX A 1 and 2ndstreet numberY A 1, etc. for the very 
same apartment! ...This is not an exception but very very common here 
(addresses are assigned for all streets a lot/parcel is touching so it 
happens in practice at every road intersection). Officially none of them 
is given priority but in many cases people tend to use one of them more 
than the others. However, I've seen cases where the addresses given to 
subscription systems were automatically reassign to another ones for the 
delivery (more than once, I suspect it could be some delivery route 
optimization feature).

In addition to that, we of course have buildings with different addresses 
sharing a wall in packed areas which was probably what you meant with 
"you have this almost everywhere"? However, again those adjacent buildings 
could have here more than one address each.


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