[Tagging] Fwd: Door to door routing to buildings with multiple occupants

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 12:23:35 GMT 2012

2012/12/4 Markus Lindholm <markus.lindholm at gmail.com>:
> In my book addresses are features in their own right and should not be mixed
> in the same element as amenities or shops. The first problem would be that
> it would make it impossible to render addresses and POIs at the same time.

this depends entirely on your rendering rules.

> The second problem would be that there would be multiple instances of the
> same address.

why is this a problem? "The" address would be the sum of all these occurencies.

> If there really is a need to bind address and POI together then create a
> relation for that.

-1, this would be breaking a fly on the wheel (or shooting with
cannons on sparrows as we say in Germany). Really no need for
relations here.


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