[Tagging] Catchment Areas

John F. Eldredge john at jfeldredge.com
Wed Dec 5 02:11:27 GMT 2012

On 12/03/2012 04:32 PM, Christopher Baines wrote:
> I can see the food issue is becoming a recurring theme, and this is
> detracting from the main reason I put forward this proposal. I have now
> removed the food references from the proposal, such that now, the
> subjects of the relation would be schools and medical facilities, whose
> catchment areas are better defined, and of more use to more people.
I can see how this would work for government-run schools, since the 
students living within a certain area are assigned to go to that 
school.  I don't really see how it would work with medical facilities, 
since (at least in the USA) people aren't told "because you live in this 
district, you must go to this particular hospital".  Plus, a lot of 
larger hospitals specialize in certain types of medical care, so which 
hospital you go to depends on what medical condition is being treated.  
In the case of certain rare medical conditions, this may mean that they 
have patients coming from hundreds of miles away, and it would not seem 
practical to include a catchment area that large.

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