[Tagging] standpipes

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Fri Dec 7 20:30:26 GMT 2012

i'd like to add a value to the emergency equipment tagging scheme:


for those unaware of it, a standpipe system is generally built into 
modern high rise
buildings. it is a way of feeding water into the building for fire 
emergencies, and is usually
kept dry. should an engine company need to respond to an emergency in 
one of these
buildings, they would use a hose segment to connect a nearby hydrant to 
the standpipe
inlet, feeding water to the buildings internal systems. this is 
considered much preferable
to attempting to string hose through a stairwell.

you can argue for placement under building= as it is analogous to tags 
like entrance,
but i think emergency= is slightly better. feel free to try to convince 
me otherwise, though.


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