[Tagging] building attributes

Kytömaa Lauri lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi
Wed Feb 8 18:26:17 GMT 2012

> 4. building:levels=*    Number of stories of the building above ground.
>-> why only above ground? I find this missleading as well. The logical
>meaning of a tag "building:levels" would be "the total amount of
>building levels". If it is for the levels above ground, why not
>building:levels:above_ground ? The description could be enhanced to

IMO this is a "make mapping easy" choise (vs. "code requires sticking
to definitions, even if it is against day to day speak"): you can get a 
random mapper to count the windows and have them enter that. If one 
asks people if a building is a, say, six-storey building, they don't
ask if it has many underground levels but look at the windows. Likewise
many pro map databases, and statistical databases classify buildings by
the "above ground" count. It deserves to be the first to pop up when 

Colons in keys are likely to make many casual mappers uneasy about
editing said tag, let alone two of them in one key.


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