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Bryce2 Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Wed Feb 8 20:14:07 GMT 2012

> > Colons in keys are likely to make many casual mappers uneasy about
> > editing said tag, let alone two of them in one key.

Casual mappers seem an unlikely target for this particular type of highly
technical mapping.


That said:
The 3D mapping by tags is interesting.  But another trends is out there:
rapidly increasing availability of high quality 3D elevation maps based on
LIDAR data.  The "first return" version of this data shows trees and tree
tops.  You can readily get building and ground levels as well, picking out
individual buildings and rooftops and their slopes.

If the lidar data informed OpenStreetMap, what would remain uncoded in 3D?
That's where I would focus my energy: adding to the data produced by
LIDAR.  "height_min/clearance" is one such tag, as the LIDAR data won't
tell you much if anything about the underside of things.

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