[Tagging] Public land mapping

Shawn Michael osm at monkeyspunk.net
Sat Feb 25 22:36:46 GMT 2012

This is mainly US related, but I'm sure other countries have similar 
concepts.  How are people tagging Federal (BLM) and State owned public 
land?  Everything I can find on the wiki is related to Parks and 
National Parks.  And I guess to a minor degree National Forest Service. 
  Unless I'm just using the wrong terms to search, I'm coming up empty 

As an example see:


The screen shot is taken from the maps at:


Specifically in the maps, I can easily see how to tag the green items on 
the maps, as those are National Forest Service lands.  Although there is 
a bit of confusion here as well.  Not all of the Forest Service lands 
are covered by forest.  So I guess my question is how are you tagging 
public lands?

Here are the types of public land that are immediately around me:

	Federal (owned by multiple agencies)
	State  (Again owned by multiple agencies)


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