[Tagging] How to tag the width of a gate

Mike Valiant mike_valiant at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 26 16:16:01 GMT 2012

> Originally there was little mention of any of them tags depicting 
> purely legal restrictions. Even access/*=no was "unsuitable or not
> allowed", but later, as it was deemed unverifiable, the "only legal"
> started creeping into all sorts of tags, where it may or may not be
> the common usage, or sensible. 
I think previous discussions have largely been about roads which may be the only case where there is a legal restrictions apply.
In the case under discussion, a gate across a *path*, I think it is unlikely that there will ever be a case where the width restriction is anything but physical.  maxwidth:physical as a qualification would be an unnecessary 
It's not clear whether contributors tagging roads have been differentiating between warning signs (triangular) and prohibitory legal signs (circular). Taginfo suggests not:
There are 4147 instances of maxwidth0 instances of maxwidth:physical0 instances of maxwidth:legal
In my experience the legal restriction is much rarer than the warning signs and physical restrictions.
IMHO maxwidth should cover *any* restriction. I shall continue to tag with the majority!

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