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Thu Jan 5 23:04:06 GMT 2012

Generally I am in favour of 3D and very detailed mapping even of
buildings' inside, but putting number of nodes inside a building
outline just does not seem very sensible. It seems like stretching the
current mapping model far beyond it should ever be.
For how to do it, I believe that there would have to be some object
model so that one could edit it separately from the rest of the map.
This would generally consist of several layers - one for each
different level. It would require editor support. It would allow to
accurately map the whole building even with the shops/offices...
inside. Maybe it could save some space, because inside of the building
would have its own coordinates - no need to relate it to the whole
world and measure in latitude/longitude - meters would be more
sensible in this case. The whole object would be placed in the map.
(Add textures and you have almost 3D buildings like Google or Nokia).
 Specifically for your proposal's details: I do not see any good
reason why an inside door (entrance to living room) should be tagged
differently than an outside door (entrance to building). That is
apparent from the door location - part of building outline.
Dividing rooms as safe/unsafe is not reliable and therefore not a good
reference point for everything else. If you go from a corridor to some
room, it is clear, if you go from one room to another they are the
same. There is already an established division between left/right door
- no need to invent a new one. (After a bit of research it seems that
English language is not as clear as Czech and there is some
confusion). The accessibility information section is confusing and and
inconsistent. door:automatic=(no)/yes(non-specified of the
following)/switch(button)/remote/card(RFID or

Lukas (LM_1)
2012/1/5 Peter Wendorff <wendorff at uni-paderborn.de>:
> Hi Andreas.
> I didn't vote (yet), because I'm a little bit ambiguous about it.
> On the one hand I like detail mapping and even indoor mapping ideas, but -
> and here is the (or at least one) comment you requested:
> Indoor mapping leads to mapping in more than one level in buildings most
> often.
> Currently that's often done at
> - bridges and tunnels - using ways intersecting in the editor
> - shops in malls etc. that have more than one level - here it's most often
> nodes, and therefore not very complicated.
> One big problem with complex mapping scenarios is that it gets more
> difficult to keep the data correct and up to date. That's a problem with
> relations very often, yet, and it will be a much bigger problem with indoor
> data, as I'm not able to fix a wrong building outline, if I'm not able to
> check, fix or update the indoor data accordingly.
> And it gets really much data in small areas very fast, if you start mapping
> indoors.
> From my point of view I would not vote for your proposal as long as there's
> no solution for handling indoor data, at least as a proof of concept
> implementation in at least one of the editor programs.
> There are more points in your proposal I would be able to give feedback to,
> but my time is limited currently - probably you'll get more in future from
> me ;)
> regards
> Peter
> Am 05.01.2012 16:50, schrieb Andreas Balzer:
> Hello again,
> so far the voting on the door proposal for indoor mapping got 7 votes
> (positive and negative).
> See  http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/entrance/door
> I would appreciate if more people can vote and comment their ideas on the
> dicussion page. So far many people commented that they don't like the
> structure but haven't send in details on why or on what they would change.
> I'm faily new to openstreetmap and happy about every comment and detail I
> can get on this.
> Thanks,
> Andreas
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> Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 11:51:21 +0100
> Hello,
> I would like to hand in a request for voting on
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/entrance/door. It is
> about how to tag a door which is especially useful for indoor tagging.
> Andreas
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