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2012/1/11 Michael Krämer <ohrosm at googlemail.com>

> To be honest I haven't really thought about the
> difference between until this thread came up...

That's a problem for various non-native speakers (me included eheh)

This should be an opportunity to make some changes in syntax and semantics
[1] of OSM.

We should start a wiki entry to organize the ideas in a collaborative
Project (The Plan?) which will become the reccomendation from the final
approval on and a suggestion to migrate existing data :) (the automation
should be leaved to whom messes with [local] data)

My proposal:
-main page: description, aim, index and discussion for general ideas;
-subpages: one for each category or area of interest (primary features [2]
gives a good approximation of what I mean)

Also, this will promote also thinking on how would be simplified tagging
particular features (comes in mind also the cultural/heritage theme, from
archaeology to museums, a main key culture=*?).

Discussion should be focused also on the best word to use, as John pointed
out, and here the main work should be made by native speakers :)


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