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Wed Jan 11 17:04:10 GMT 2012

2012/1/11 Serge Wroclawski <emacsen at gmail.com>

> parking=* requires amenity=parking.
> That seems entirely redundant to me, and if I were king, I'd strip out
> amenity=parking.
> (the whole parking scheme needs re-design to integrate the various
> schemes currently in place).
> - Serge

This should be part of rethinking highway=* and all the features related to
"automotive" for istance (roads, parkings, excetera). I find also bad the
service=* tag..

2012/1/11 Erik Johansson <erjohan at gmail.com>
> Use the tags, document them, link, upload pictures and write on the
> wiki. Try not to plan. these are things you can do even though you are
> not a native speaker. Openstreetmap has nothing to do with England nor
> English.
> For tagging this is a X type of feature what we really need is lots of
> info on "you want to add X to the map, then you can tag it like this,
> that, or like this". Where the simplest answer is the default.
> But just look at the discussion for amenity=gym, simple things are the
> hardest.
> When I said planning I meant to take existing keys and values, consider
use cases and "plan" solutions :)

Example: in a subpage there should be tables which explain what new tag
inherit old one and why (back to the dentist:
healthcare=dentist | amenity=dentist | seperating tagging for health

> > migrate existing data  :)
> Nice smiley.. :-) It's not about migrating data it's about migrating
> stubborn fools. (i.e. everyone but yourself)

You mean I'm like Don Quixote fighting with windmills? eheh
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