[Tagging] Amenity swimming_pool (was Amenity parking)

Simone Saviolo simone.saviolo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 22:56:50 GMT 2012

2012/1/11 Ben Johnson <tangararama at gmail.com>:
> For a public access pool (eg run by a local government authority, or even a private operator who's main business is the swimming pool) usually charge an entry fee and have opening hours, so i'd use [access=permissive] - likewise for tennis clubs with public access for a fee, with set operating hours.

Is permissive what we're looking for? I don't think so.
access=permissive means "you shouldn't go there, but I'll turn the
other way and pretend I don't see you". If I have to pay a ticket to
enter a swimming pool, then my presence in the pool is not being
tolerated, instead I've the right to be there. I'd tag it as
access=yes (or omit it), fee=yes.

Paid parkings work the same way. Anyone can park there (access=yes),
if he pays (fee=yes).



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