[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - rail_trail

Volker Schmidt voschix at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 14:05:50 GMT 2012

I like the idea to see ex-railway cycleways on the map. I also like to see
cycle routes on the map, and I would like to see ex-railways on the map.

I have my doubts whether the tagging of a cycleway as being on a n
ex-railway should be done at the level of a key to the highway tag. If I
understand your proposal correctly a typical tagging would look like this
surface= xxx
width= xxx
ref= xxx

I see several problems whit this approach:

If the ex-railway continues, as it often happens on a piece of normal raod,
not on a designated cycle path, would you add railtrail=yes to
highway=secondary. If you don't do that the rendering will be interrupted.

Then I do not see how you would instruct the routing algorithm to prefer
the railtrail ways over other cycleways

I think that the better way is to use a route relation for this. The
proposed tag could be an additional tag of the cycle route relation,
provide that the entire cycle route is based on a an ex-railway. So we
would have a normal cycle route relation that has an extra tag that a
renderer could use to show the route differently form a “normal” cycle

Yet another possibility would be to create an ex-railway relation and
render it independently form the cycle routes. In the map you would see
cycle routes and ex-railway routes in different representations on the map.
Where they coincide you know that your cycleway is on an ex-railway

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