[Tagging] Extended Conditions - response to votes

Eckhart Wörner ewoerner at kde.org
Thu Jul 5 15:32:34 BST 2012

Hi Pieren,

Am Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012, 15:58:06 schrieb Pieren:
> Well, we had some discussion before the vote. On the wiki, I already
> pointed out that the variable content in key was a major issue in this
> proposal (not e.g. "maxspeed:wet=*" but about such "maxspeed:(Mo-Fr
> 07:00-17:00)=*").

And your main arguments were "we've never done that before", "it doesn't feel right" and "it kills performance", which I have addressed both in the wiki and in the thread-starting mail.

> I even started some alternative proposal but I saw
> that a real good alternative proposal would require much more thinking
> and time and motivation than I have.

…and probably a different API with structured tagging. The extended conditions proposal definitely is not perfect, but it (imho) does a good job in solving the problem at least for the next ten years, and I have yet to see an alternative that even comes close.


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