[Tagging] Extended Conditions - response to votes

Martin Vonwald imagic.osm at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 07:47:19 BST 2012

Am 06.07.2012 um 00:09 schrieb Eckhart Wörner <ewoerner at kde.org>:
> Here are a few examples for you:
> Nearby motorway:
> maxspeed=none
> maxspeed:hgv=100
> maxspeed:(22:00-06:00)=120
> maxspeed:(22:00-06:00):hgv=80
> maxspeed:wet=80

I thought we talk about the length of the value if we put all conditional values into one single tag. The length of the value (also of the whole tag) of the ext-cond-proposal is without doubt as short as possible.

> Well, if this proposal fails I would say everybody who voted against it has to come up with a better one (where "better" is based on some actual arguments), but I do not believe in Santa Claus either.

We both know this will not happen. Santa told me so ;-)

> What probably happens is that this discussion dies, and people will either use this proposal (as they have done before) or use the note and fixme keys (as they have done before).

You may exchange "probably" by "most certainly".

One issue of the ext-cond jumped into my mind again when I read your examples above: in the prop it is written that the most specific value should be taken. But what is "most specific"? I think the correct determination of this could be quite complex. The variants with keys like <key>:condition:<ordering> would solve this IMO.


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