[Tagging] drinkable vs. drinking_water

Ronnie Soak chaoschaos0909 at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 13 13:45:03 BST 2012

Another anecdotal example:

I'm a non-native speaker (being German) and I don't know a word in
french. But I did know the term 'potable' very well.
And so will everybody else who ever went camping in either New
Zealand, Canada and probably many other English-speaking countries.

Camp sites and also local authorities regularly use the term to
describe the use of certain public water sources.
(You don't want to fill your water bottle on the tap or hose others
use to clean their portable loo)

I remembered it this way: 'potable' means that I can put it in a
(cooking-) pot to prepare my food with.

Back to OSM:

I do understand 'potable' and I believe others can do too. You either
use translated presets or need to look it up in the wiki/taginfo
anyway. I also expect anyone smart enough to use an osm editor can
also use a translation tool.
BUT: I don't think migrating existing tags helps anyone. As long as
the alternative is as understandable as 'drinking_water', my vote is
for keeping the existing term.


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