[Tagging] drinkable vs. drinking_water

Andrew Errington erringtona at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 14:39:55 BST 2012

On Fri, 13 Jul 2012 21:45:03 Ronnie Soak wrote:
> I do understand 'potable' and I believe others can do too. You either
> use translated presets or need to look it up in the wiki/taginfo
> anyway. I also expect anyone smart enough to use an osm editor can
> also use a translation tool.
> BUT: I don't think migrating existing tags helps anyone. As long as
> the alternative is as understandable as 'drinking_water', my vote is
> for keeping the existing term.

The problem is that there are two existing terms.  The original poster (OP) 
asked for suggestions to unify them.

It would seem the options are to delete one of them and migrate the tags to 
the other one, or create a new one and migrate them both.

Migrating them both was my suggestion, but it seems that 'potable' is not a 
new suggestion.

I think that we should first agree that they *should* be unified (which I do 
agree to) *then* decide how to unify them.  OP says that "drinkable=yes/no" 
has more usage than "drinking_water=yes/no", but my suggestion avoids the 
need to argue about, sorry, choose which one to delete.  It is also more 

If we don't use 'potable' I think 'drinking_water' is preferable 
to 'drinkable'.

Best wishes,


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