[Tagging] How to tag a trailer_park ?

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Fri Jul 27 16:14:26 BST 2012

Werner Poppele <poppele at hm.edu> writes:

> In the US [1] I found some trailer parks tagged
> landuse=trailer_park. Is that ok ? Any other recommendations ? The tag
> tourism=camp_site seems to be not quite correct IMHO.
> taginfo
> landuse=trailer_park	8
> amenity=trailer_park	23
> tourism=camp_site	40196

US culture for what it's worth:

  some people have an "Recreational Vehicle (RV)" that they take on vacation
  and live in, but they almost always consider this mostly temporary,
  even if they do it for six months.  That's camping, basically (or
  'trailer camping' vs 'tent camping').  Typically the people move
  around and visit different places.

  some people live in a 'mobile home' also called 'trailer', that is
  typically technically movable but often up on blocks in a 'trailer
  park' which is a community with a lot of them, streets, gardens, etc.
  It's mostly like a regular neighborhood with houses, except the homes
  are these mobile/trailer ones (smaller, less expensive) and there is
  usually less land per house.  These mobile homes tend to be bigger
  than RVs, although a few RVs are truly enormous and might get close to
  small mobile homes (thus frightening all the other drivers).

These two things really don't have anything do with each other.
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