[Tagging] Data redundancy with "ref" tag on ways vs relations

Paweł Paprota ppawel at fastmail.fm
Mon Jul 30 19:08:38 BST 2012

On Mon, Jul 30, 2012, at 19:44, Apollinaris Schoell wrote:
> this logic is completely flawed. humans are not robots working on a list
> of problems to solve. As you learned from your experiment there is a
> inconsistency and now you can work to fix it. This is how osm works and
> it is great that you help to make it better.

> the more redundancy the more
> automated checks can be done to find errors.

Sorry if I am being too harsh, I am not trying to be mean or anything
but... I don't understand how this sentence would be true in any
context. More redundancy, especially redundancy in data entered by
humans, simply invites more opportunity for errors. So of course QA
tools will find more errors - simply because there is more data to

> > If I understand your points correctly and follow the logic - introducing
> > "ref" on nodes would make users triple check the data and consuming
> > software would have a third source of ref data which would be better.
> > 
> no, that's again wrong logic.  there is a lot of gray between black and
> withe. 
> Humans will just stop being interested if you flood them with stupid
> cumbersome work. It's all about motivation and it's not possible to
> motivate by offering senseless challenges without any reward.

I agree completely. And I'm not trying to ruin that by defining some
"tagging by committee" scheme etc. It's just about improving
documentation, guidelines, infrastructure to help people world more
efficiently on OSM data.


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