[Tagging] Ferry routes, what's the correct approach?

Georg Feddern osm at bavarianmallet.de
Tue Jul 31 22:58:48 BST 2012

Am 31.07.2012 22:50, schrieb LM_1:
> Not knowing how different routers use access I believe that ways
> marked as access=customers should be routed with some sort of warning.
> The same goes for access=private. Quite commonly the real final
> destination would be in some limited access area and so routers do not
> have to absolutely avoid more restrictive access values than public.

Quite commonly the ferry would not be the real final destination - but 
in the middle of the route.
Routers commonly do not use more restrictive access values in the middle 
of a route ...

access=customer may be also parking places with bothside access.
access=private may be also big company areas with bothside access.
Commonly routers shall not use those - so why should they use them at 
ferry terminals?

You may have to pay a "fee" to access, but I would call this a public 
traffic route.
In particular if there is no other possible route.
As long as there is no other easy way I would "tag for routers" in this 


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