[Tagging] The wiki (was "Re: That stupid 'quarter' tag has been approved")

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sat Jun 2 17:40:54 BST 2012

Steve Bennett writes:
 > Again, I'm surprised this discussion needs to be had, but there is
 > clearly very poor shared understanding of what the wiki is for and how
 > to use it. It seems obvious to me that the wiki is to document
 > *shared* understanding of mapping standards.

I think you have that almost right but significantly wrong. The wiki
is to *share* understanding of mapping standards. Your purpose
definition implies to me that there is agreement that an X that is Y
will be mapped as X=Y.

But just as Inuits have several names for "snow" depending on its
qualities, so may people in different parts of the world have
different names for what you consider to be the same Y. For example, I
consider "surface=gravel" to be "gravel". You know, those rounded
rocks about the size of a pea which come from a riverbank. But many
rail-trails have a surface which is ground-up rocks about the size of
tapioca or smaller, called "rock dust". You wouldn't have me map
rail-trails as surface=gravel, would you? That would be more like the
ballast that's left behind after the tracks are pulled up.

That's why it's important for each of us to *document* how we
map. Because if nothing else, in the process of doing so, we will
actually take the time to RTFW to see what tags really mean. :-)

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