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Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Mon Mar 5 04:48:13 GMT 2012

Frederik Ramm writes:
 > Hi,
 > On 02/25/12 01:23, Richard Welty wrote:
 > > how do you tag a never-completed railway which has significant important
 > > landmark value in the current landscape?
 > I think that what you are seeing is not a railway at all.

You're kidding, right? If you google search for "unfinished railroad"
the first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth
search results you'll find is the specific one that Richard is
referring to.

 > I suggest to tag what you see on the ground, rather than whatever the 
 > object was that people once planned to build. I don't see why there 
 > should be a "railway=cut" when a layman would never know the the cut he 
 > observes was once meant to have a railway line.

The people doing the mapping aren't laymen. I've been walking along
with a group of people, needing to pee, going down a slope, and while
peeing, I said "Holy crap, this is a railroad cut," and it was. I
wasn't expecting to find one, but I knew it when I saw it. It's called
ferroequinoyance -- the ability to spot a railroad from the barest of
clues. It could be an alley at an odd angle, or a street that takes a
funny turn, or a building with doors at boxcar height, or a crack in
the asphalt, or a building with a corner cut off of it. Other times
it's a historical marker which says "THIS IS AN UNFINISHED RAILROAD
WHICH MARKS THE LINE OF BATTLE." Subtle clues are all we need.

We know, Frederick. We just know.

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