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> I've run into the same argument with people tagging construction sites
for various kinds of buildings. I always maintained that the object in
question is primarily a construction site, and the fact that a hotel or
museum is being built is at most worth a note; whereas others were of the
opinion that the object in question is primarily a hotel or museum, and the
fact that it is under construction is of secondary nature.

It sounds like you want to create an extremely literal map devoid of any
information that is not literally "on the ground". Perhaps such a map has a
use, but a map which is unafraid to include a few subjective facts (with
appropriate safeguards) is vastly more useful.


>> It's called
>> ferroequinoyance -- the ability to spot a railroad from the barest of
>> clues. It could be an alley at an odd angle, or a street that takes a
>> funny turn, or a building with doors at boxcar height, or a crack in
>> the asphalt, or a building with a corner cut off of it.
> Imagine the fun these people could have if the map portrayed buildings
with corners cut off of them or alleys at odd angles, and they would then
have to ferroequinoy from the map where the railroad was planned to be ;)
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