[Tagging] unfinished railway of historic importance

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Mar 5 11:54:30 GMT 2012


On 03/05/12 12:16, Steve Bennett wrote:
> It sounds like you want to create an extremely literal map devoid of any
> information that is not literally "on the ground".

Nah, it was rather about what the priority is. A constrution site could 
always be annotated with "this is planned to become a hotel", even 
though it isn't a hotel; and a cut could always be annotated with "this 
was once planned to become a railway" even though it isn't one.

I just found the idea of saying "this is a railway - a never-built one, 
but a railway nonetheless" a little extravagant.

Which of these actually appears on a map is, of course, a wholly 
different question.

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