[Tagging] A leisure tag for bathe

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Mon Mar 12 10:06:57 GMT 2012

There seem to be several dimensions to this. "Bathing" can mean 
different things to different people, with different English 
words/usage. I can give a few examples.

Firstly, the activity itself:
*    to get clean (with soap etc)
*    to exercise or as a sport (swimming pool with lanes)
*    as a recreation (river/beach/recreational swimming pool)

On a different dimension, there is the construction of the facility:
*    indoor (turkish baths, swimming pool etc)
*    outdoor+manmade (outdoor swimming pool)
*    outdoor+natural (river/beach etc)

Then there is the "type" of water:
*    natural, seawater
*    natural, fresh water
*    natural, geothermal
*    "manmade" (swimming pool with heavily treated water)

These three attributes can probably exist in the real world in any 
combination. I would suggest tagging them separately, to allow full 
flexibility and minimise ambiguity.

For the activity, we already have leisure=swimming_pool, for sporting or 
recreational swimming in a manmade construction. The optional addition 
of sport=swimming differentiates between sport and recreation, but this 
can't in itself handle "mixed" facilities. The main activity at a 
Turkish Bath would probably be getting clean. Isn't it close to the 
function of a sauna? There's already amenity=sauna with a proposal to 
change to leisure=sauna.


On 11/03/2012 17:15, Johan Jönsson wrote:
> In older days and in some parts of the world the public bath is an amenity and
> not a leisure. I am sticking to trying to find one tag for the leisure-bath
> establishments, but it might be possible to find a general tag encompassing
> both leisure and amenity and then have subtags to discern them. One such
> solution would be to not tag the physical place (the bathing-place) but
> instead use a non-physical tag that states "come here when you want to bathe".
> For the leisure-baths I was thinking about using some kind of subtags
> leisure=bath
> bath:outdoor= yes
> bath:indoor=no
> or maybe
> leisure=bath
> bath:outdoor= sea, pool, lake, river, hot_spring
> bath:outdoor= beach, cliff, pier, pool, lake, river, hot_spring
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