[Tagging] A leisure tag for bathe

Johan Jönsson johan.j at goteborg.cc
Sat Mar 17 13:53:19 GMT 2012

Erik Johansson <erjohan at ...> writes:
> I would probably use leisure=bath to map outdoor bathing places, but
> I'm not sure the word is that much better than a direct translation of
> the  Swedish word, which would be;
> amenity=place_of_bathing
> So maybe just use the Swedish word http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badplats
> leisure=badplats + sport=swiming
> Or if there is another language which has a word for (outdoor) places
> where you take baths?
I think it would be a mistake to use the values like: 
bath/place_of_bathing/bath_location/bathing_spot/bath_facility for only open-
air baths, it would be to easy to make the mistake and tag a indoor bath with 
the same.

If there is to be one tag only for open-air baths it should be reflected in 
the name of the value somehow.

In german there are words like ''freibad'' (open-air bath) and older words 
like ''badeanstalt'' (bath facility).

The European Environment Agency have a "bathing water directive". 
All member states have to profile and monitor all their outdoor "bathing 
waters" and adjacent "beaches".(swimming pools excluded from directive)

Possible tags for open-air baths could be 

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