[Tagging] Preventing traffic signs - Invitation to discussion

Ronnie Soak chaoschaos0909 at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 14 12:10:56 GMT 2012

This is a complex matter.

Verbose names are good. Looking up numeral codes is tedious for the
human mapper and hinders wider usage of the tag. Also the country
prefix is redundant, as this can be determined out of the location of
the sign. Also linking together signs of the same meaning in different
countries is a good idea in general.

But there is missing a key element to the (original) proposal:

There are signs for both point features (traffic light ahead, railway
crossing) and signs for conditions in effect for a stretch of way
(maxspeed, gravel). Sometimes it's ambiguous (no u-turn, dead end
street). We would need a definitive list for what is what and if it's
tagged on a node on the way or an the way itself.

Also the meaning of some signs already has a tag of its own. A
traffic_sign=maxspeed is tagged as maxspeed=* on the way. A
traffic_sign=oneway is tagged as oneway=yes, a traffic_sign=cycleway
is tagged as access=no; bicycle=designated.

What do we do about that? Do we translate every sign into an existing
tag combination/invent new ones? Then why think about the traffic_sign
tag at all?
Do we tag the sign in addition to the existing information? Do we
replace the old information? (Surely not!)

Any Ideas?


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