[Tagging] symbol=* documentation?

Ferenc Veres lion at netngine.hu
Wed May 9 10:42:45 BST 2012


Can somebody please write a brief documentation to


I'm not sure I understand the tag's use. We are currently discussing the
use on the Hungarian mailing list, would be great to have some pointers,

----IDEAS ONLY - please copy to wiki, adjust, or rewrite----

The symbol tag is used for describing hiking trails by a human readable
name. It is usually accompanied with {{Key|osmc:symbol}}, which contains
a machine readable description of the hiking trail. Example:

symbol = red bar
osmc:symbol = red:white:red_bar

Implementing software may choose to use a local database for connecting
osmc:symbol to an icon and to a name, or it can choose to loud read the
value of the symbol tag, if no local naming is available.

A routing software may say: "Follow red bear for two kilometers".

Similar to {{Key|name}}, you can use international naming options too,
for example:

symbol = piros sáv       (this is Hungarian)
symbol:en = red bar

----end of ideas---

However, usage of symbol= does not follow this translation method,
because some countries use English naming while others use local naming.
I'd recommend to follow "name:LANG" for consistency.



This seems to have some related documentation in German:



Ferenc Veres

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