[Tagging] symbol=* documentation?

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed May 9 11:37:23 BST 2012

2012/5/9 Ferenc Veres <lion at netngine.hu>:
> The symbol tag is used for describing hiking trails by a human readable
> name. It is usually accompanied with {{Key|osmc:symbol}}, which contains
> a machine readable description of the hiking trail. Example:
> symbol = red bar
> osmc:symbol = red:white:red_bar
> Implementing software may choose to use a local database for connecting
> osmc:symbol to an icon and to a name, or it can choose to loud read the
> value of the symbol tag, if no local naming is available.
> Similar to {{Key|name}}, you can use international naming options too,
> for example:
> symbol = piros sáv       (this is Hungarian)
> symbol:en = red bar

I think it would be better to use

symbol:hr (or whatever the lc for Hungarian is) = piros_sáv


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