[Tagging] Dispute on highway=mini_roundabout

Roo roo_carey at yahoo.com
Thu May 10 23:43:53 BST 2012

As a UK mapper the main problem as I see it is one of language. When I drive over a mini roundabout I know what I have done, when I drive around a small roundabout I understand the difference. Maybe the problem is that the word 'mini' gets confused with 'small' which in any other context is understandable as they could be interchangeable. Unfortunately a mini roundabout to a UK mapper is just what is is, an excuse for a proper roundabout or a fudged junction. Legally you still have to attempt to follow the radius, you could be charged with careless driving if you drove straight over one and hit another car. I don't think we should berate people, maybe just educate them on a horrible UK export.

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