[Tagging] Dispute on highway=mini_roundabout

Martin Vonwald imagic.osm at gmail.com
Fri May 11 08:02:53 BST 2012

As there seems to be a consensus approaching on the horizon, I'll
continue to work on some examples (positive and negative) to prevent
misinterpretation in the future. I already got some nice photos (but
could also need some more) so I guess I can finish it quite soon. As
usually I'll post a link to the examples then so they can be reviewed
before the article is updated.

However one thing that was already mentioned is still left:
turning_circle . We have the same problem here as with
mini_roundabout, as the tag should only be used if there is no island
present but in fact it is also used in such cases.
However we must admit that the implications for data consumers are
somewhat smaller compared with mini_roundabout. To be really relevant
for e.g. a router the destination(!) of a large(!) vehicle must be
within a narrow(!) dead-end(!) street. That's a lot of prerequisites
to be relevant. Also the term "turning circle" is not as widely used
and precisely defined as "mini-roundabout" (please correct me if this
is wrong). So how should we treat this case?

To throw in my opinion as a starter: as relevance is much smaller, I
would guess an additional tag like centre_island=yes/no or something
similar should be sufficient. If it is not there it is simply unknown
if there is an island or not, which in fact is the way data consumers
have to treat turning_circle right now.


P.S: I worth seeing video was posted on a different mailing list:
Yes, this in fact is a mini-roundabout, however a maxi one ;-) And
yes, it was a regular junction a few days before. How I know that?
Watch it!

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