[Tagging] proposing a page on the wiki: "tag names do not always correspond to their definitions"

Michael Krämer ohrosm at googlemail.com
Fri May 18 07:06:01 BST 2012


Am 18.05.2012 07:30, schrieb Alan Mintz:
> The idea, taken in a vacuum without knowledge of personalities, seems correct.
> There are many more examples, like highway=* things that are not highways. I
> don't think we need a page for it, but it should be somewhere in beginners
> documentation that the key and any non-name values may not be exact matches (or
> maybe even "wrong") in your local usage and language.

Generally I think there are a lot of "false friends" in tagging. For 
obvious reasons this is very likely more pronounced for non-native or 
non-Britsh users. Other examples at least for the Germans would be 
village_green, green-, or brownfield...

But on the other hand I am not sure if a dedicated page would really 
solve the underlying problem. I would prefer to add the information to 
the description pages themselves, as this is where people look for 
information on tags. So I would rather suggest to use some template for 
this to show common misunderstandings or misconceptions. Perhaps we 
could also add a category so it wouldn't be either-or but as-well-as.


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