[Tagging] Tagging: minimum required tags

Stefano Fraccaro stefano.fraccaro at libero.it
Fri May 18 11:19:08 BST 2012

     I have started a project with a school to map some objects in our 
city (for example, house numbers). There is a way to standardize this 
process, at least for some objects?
I'm a newbie and I ask every time how to tag a new type of objects... 
and if I look at other similar objects, I see that different people tag 
similar objects in different way.

For this school, I'm writing a document that explain howto map an 
object. For example:

  * choose a node in an existing building or, only if necessary, create
    a new node in a building side
  * add tag addr:housenumber
  * add the house number(s). If there are more values, separate each
    item with ;
  * add tag addr:street
  * add the correct street name

I think that if the tagging is, al least for the minimum required tags 
for each object, the same for all tagger, the database could be used 
more friendly and with lesser resources (that is better for all).
I think that is expensive detect house numbers in buildings, in nodes, 
with some numbers separated with comma, some numbers separated with 
semicolon, and so on...

I understand that different situation could produce different tagging... 
maybe this can be done inside each state (tagging standard for Italy, 
for Germay, for ...)

Good documentation = better tagging = lesser requests = better database info


PS: my english is not so good, sorry

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