[Tagging] Wikification of Discussions, New Types of Wiki Pages, Learning to Look at Cities from OSM (Learning from the Roundabout discussion)

Alex Rollin alex.rollin at gmail.com
Fri May 18 06:02:26 BST 2012


I am really quite new to OSM and I am looking forward to a wiki page
that clarifies everything about roundabouts, large, small, and
quasi-roundabout-ish. I would like to learn how they are NOT traffic
islands and how to tag traffic islands with curbs, as a related course
of action. I am eager to learn, and sometimes wish I could follow
these discussions on the wiki so that I could see where folks are
putting this kind of information in the wiki. Thank you all for your
discussion as it is informative and I learn a lot about how to
participate in productive and useful tagging. Yay OSM!

In my city, 90% of the streets weren't on the map 6 weeks ago when I
started with OSM, so I am just now out in the streets of the
community, after 6 weeks of tracing, taking pictures of "standard"
islands and curbs and driveways and streets and street names and more,
eager to see how they match up with what you are seeing and tagging in
other places, and I am still learning how and where to make decisions
about "general features" and stuff that is country specific.

I am sure a collection of wiki pages exist for this now, for
roundabouts. Is it possible that we can start to include the links
into the email discussions?

Would it help, for example, if mini-roundabout appeared on:

Is it possible that a more technical system for transcluding
information about features like specific roundabouts, within the wiki
(using mediawiki transclusion), would help to create (summary,
comparison, implementation specific) pages like this? so, for example,
handling of UK roundabouts from the UK wiki page could be transcluded
into a page where we show the slight deviation for handling of similar
features in Indonesia?

When I see this collection of pages I sense that some of my own
confusion comes from trying to understand how to interpret the
authority structure and the ordering/categorization of the pages.
Still learning, here!

A set of presets for JOSM was created for Indonesia. I must admit that
they are in Indonesia language and that I have some difficulty using
them, but, they are useful because they ... I am too new to know the
technical term...they provide a sort of default tag collection? I
think it was made for buildings, specifically, but, then, isn't this a
way that such a thing could be deployed for roundabouts, too? Is there
a way that wiki "policy", after having endured discussion and
approval, can then be.. oh wouldn't it be nice, that this could be
auto-magically deployed as updated feature presets for JOSM for
country specific tagging?

Ah, here it is: http://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/Presets/building.xml

Please hear these ideas/efforts on my part as a quest to understand
your discussion and a strong desire to participate, and of course
coming from someone who thinks they might have seen a mini-roundabout,
but, is not so sure how it is tagged compared to other things, and is
learning about his own city through YOUR discussion of tags. I am no
civil engineer, and sometimes I really don't even know what I am
looking at, and I really am learning how to describe my own city FROM
the wiki! Wild, hey?


Open and curious,

Alex in Bogor, Indonesia

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