[Tagging] Another reset on roundabouts

Martin Vonwald (Imagic) imagic.osm at gmail.com
Fri May 18 16:31:18 BST 2012

Am 18.05.2012 um 16:32 schrieb Tobias Johansson <tj at mensa.se>:

>> Are we talking about this?http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Uvl-p3eVBeM/Tr8xUuhRYbI/AAAAAAAAIho/NJZGrhCH6yk/s400/53242_1431458077448_1562786087_30891073_4275686_o.jpg
>> If would think this is a Magic Roundabout.
> Thats.. Cool :D sort of two roundabouts (or traffic circels or roads
> whatever havn't followed the discussion totaly) in different
> direktions with 4 minis connectig them or something like that...

Before I started researching for the roundabout-article I haven't seen such a monster myself. Technically speaking it is a roundabout, so it should be tagged as such. But it is split into segments, which are connected by mini-roundabouts. I don't think that any application out there could handle this. I'm not a friend of relations, but we would need one to collect all the parts - maybe the proposed junction-relation. Then still you are missing the information about the lanes, which are needed for precise routing directions. One can do this with turn:lanes, but I'm not sure if all the lane connections are trivial. If not, we would need the lane connectivity relation, which up to now was only discussed and isn't even proposed. That's a hell of work just for a "simple junction". Anyone brave enough to try? ;-)

> I want to go to the parties the guy who designed this throws..

You're sure about this? :-D


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