[Tagging] Merge cycleway=asl/advanced_stop_line/bike_box/...?

Andrew Chadwick (lists) a.t.chadwick+lists at gmail.com
Tue May 22 11:42:27 BST 2012

Can I gauge everyone's opinion on the following? We currently have four
ways of representing a



  (and maybe others?)

These should probably be merged into one tag because they all refer to
the same thing.

There aren't very many of them in OSM right now, but from personal
experience they're exceedingly common things in UK towns and cities.

We can pick and choose the tag a little right now, given that it's not
very well established. Let's not go with "asl"; abbreviations are
generally  bad practice. "advanced_stop_line" is bulky. "bike_box" is an
Americanism, previously unknown to me.

Personally, I like "cycleway=advanced_stop": it captures the forward
position on the thing and the fact that it's a stop line, like the well
established "highway=stop". Avoiding use of the terms "line" or "box"
avoids concentrating too much on the physical form of the thing. I
suppose it could be used with railway=* for trams, busway=* for buses
and so on.

Any other suggestions?

Andrew Chadwick

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