[Tagging] exit_to on motorway_junction

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Sun Nov 18 20:57:01 GMT 2012

On 18.11.2012 19:08, Johan C wrote:
> Unfortunately, exit_to is not documented. The destination in my opinion
> has same purpose as exit_to, but is a better choice because you can use
> it on both outgoing parts of the Y-branch and because you can use in in
> conjunction with destination:lanes. Some questions on this:
> 1. Have you ever used exit_to?


> 2. Have you ever used destination?

Yes, but only for small-scale experiments with lane tagging so far. I
plan to use it exclusively in the future.

> 3. are you willing to document exit_to?

No, it's a dead end in my opinion. I would be willing to add a link to

> 4. is it clear for you when to use exit_to and when to use destination?

Yes: Don't use exit_to anymore. ;)

> 5. do you have any problems (and if so: which ones) when the exit_to
> description is removed from the wiki?

It's still in the database, so someone encountering it should be able to
learn what it means. However, I suggest to prominently point out the
existence of destination as a superior alternative where that isn't
already the case.


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