[Tagging] exit_to on motorway_junction

Martin Vonwald imagic.osm at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 07:46:24 GMT 2012

2012/11/18 Johan C <osmned at gmail.com>:
> 1. Have you ever used exit_to?


> 2. Have you ever used destination?


> 3. are you willing to document exit_to?

Yes (see below)

> 4. is it clear for you when to use exit_to and when to use destination?

Yes: don't use exit_to.

> 5. do you have any problems (and if so: which ones) when the exit_to
> description is removed from the wiki?

Definitively (see below)

IMO the key destination is the better choice and much more powerful
than exit_to. But if we remove any mentioning relating to exit_to from
the wiki, next week(TM) someone will re-discover this key and reuse
it, maybe even create the "missing" documentation. And the week after
we have to start this discussion again. (And again next month).

As I'm pretty lazy I prefer to solve problems only once. Therefore I
would suggest the following (and would do it):
* create a wiki page for exit_to
* state its current use
* point to the key destination as better alternative and suggest to
deprecate exit_to
* refer to this discussion

The key exit_to is used over 22.000 times. We definitively should
mention it in the wiki, even if we just state that it is deprecated.
When looking on the map of this key I see that it is used mainly in
france, belgium, the netherlands and the US. I think it would be a
good idea to post this also in the related mainling lists.

1) Any objections in creating an exit_to article as stated above?
2) Can anyone distribute this discussion to the regional mailing lists?


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