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Wed Nov 21 17:15:44 GMT 2012

(resending as it got rejected the first time)

A.Pirard.Papou wrote:
> I will certainly not manually enter 1000 entries in OpenStreetBugs 
> just in hope.

You could use their API:


(read down to "addPOIexec")

> But someone may know how to use OSB API. Or that they have none.
> And in that case, send OSB the file zone30_BE.asc. Or split and share 
> the job...

If you would like to add the data to OSB, you're free to do so.

If you know the start and end of a "maxspeed=30" you're free to update 
OSM with that data too.

However, please don't tell people on an international mailiing list "you 
must do X".  It's unlikely to achieve the results that you would like.

> Is the error having no speed limit or having a dummy node showing 
> there should be a limit?

Having no speed limit on a road is not an error, but it is missing data 
unless the speed limit can be inferred somehow. Having a dummy node 
saying speed limit is missing IS an error, since that node doesn't 
rpresent anything in the real world.

> I had found that way to automatically signal the error to OSMI and to 
> OSMOSE and to ...?
> But you don't want that.

Perhaps you could comment on some of the replies that you've received 
(e.g. Ronnie Soak's?)  People are trying to help you, but communication 
is clearly not occurring.


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