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On mercredi 21 novembre 2012, A.Pirard.Papou wrote:
> Hi,


> OSM-talk-fr sounds like associating agglomération and speed limit.

I don't think we do. 
A french "agglomération" implies some speed limits (bellow 50km/h)
But speed limits doesn't imply you are in an agglomération.

An agglomération is more than that, and I don't think there currently is an 
agreed way to tag them...
> However, at least in Belgium, the definition of agglomération is very 
> strict 
Same here :

> How is an agglomération tagged?

I would suggest something in the place=something format + name=x
And if the wiki doesn't give any clues, it might be that we just need someone 
writing a proposal and start discussing that matter.

> Is my reasoning correct that I should I make a relation containing the 
> roads?

Do you mean roads as member of a relation ? I wouldn't advise to do that, but 
maybe draw an area around the agglomeration, or, before that, start 
discussing it on the wiki.
> But how do I tag it so that software recognize it as an agglomération as 
> described above???

When a new tag is created, chances are that no software will reconize it right 
away, but by explaining somewhere how you tagged it in a clear (and 
unambigous) way then everyone doing a software will know how to recognize it.

> Well, if I too consider just the speed limit, I see that Speed_limits 
> <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Speed_limits> applies to roads, 
> railways! and waterways!!!  Not relations !!!!!

That's the current state of recommendation, but maybe we could start 
discussing it to see if that's a good idea to apply speed limits on roads 
inside a bounding polygon

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