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I wanted to map the agglomeration of my village and I am wondering again.
http://www.google.be/search?&q=agglomération site:openstreetmap.org 
as well as a wiki search returns very vague information.
OSM-talk-fr sounds like associating agglomération and speed limit.

However, at least in Belgium, the definition of agglomération is very 
as well as, although a link list seems yet to have to be invented, what 
it implies 
much more than a speed limit.

How is an agglomération tagged?
With residential ways?
Not every agglomeration part is residential and there are residences 
outside agglomerations.
When we're not facing the single road traversing a village, an 
agglomeration looks much like an area.
It would indeed be a chore to tag every road of the agglomération of a 
big city.
But that's an area of roads, more like gloves than mittens.

An agglomération is ≤ a village which is ≤ an old commune which is < a 
commune = municipality.
That's an observation similar to what I've read on OSM-talk-fr.
But an agglomeration has nothing to do with administrative stuff.
Else, in Belgium, we would have agglomérations and agglomeraties 
overlapping each other ;-)
Hence, it's not a subarea of a commune (municipality).

Is my reasoning correct that I should I make a relation containing the 

But how do I tag it so that software recognize it as an agglomération as 
described above???

Well, if I too consider just the speed limit, I see that Speed_limits 
<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Speed_limits> applies to roads, 
railways! and waterways!!!  Not relations !!!!!

How do we tag agglomérations?



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