[Tagging] piste:type=nordic but without underlying track

Michael S michael at elfu.de
Wed Nov 21 23:07:55 GMT 2012

Hello all,

I have noticed a nordic trail , where a mapper has created a way with these tags:


The way has been created just to represent the nordic trail. In summer there is no track at all. There is just a meadow with no imprint or trace of the nordic trail. In winter of course, the local nordic sports club prepares the trail with special machines, and the trail is present and always located at the same coordinates.

I wonder if it is the right way to tag this trail with higway=track, because a user which wants to use the map for non-skiing purposes may think there is a track where one can walk on, which is not the case.

Or take it the other way round: Would it be ok just to remove the highway tag, and would this fullfill requirements of the open piste map guys? The wiki for piste:type gives no clear answer for me.

Best regards

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