[Tagging] access=emergency revisited

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Thu Nov 22 13:32:31 GMT 2012

On 11/20/12 3:59 PM, Richard Welty wrote:
> i think we need a separate emergency access category because there 
> exist places where authorized
> vehicles, mostly emergency responders of one type or another,
does anyone else who is not a troll have any comments?

my engagement with anthony has i think resulted in some improvements.

First, i've learned that when we tag U-turns as access=no or 
access=private, we're
probably doing it wrong, and tagging them as access=emergency is a band 
aid, not
a fix. we should probably allow it as a band aid, but see about 
switching to a
different approach.

specifically, no U-turn is the common signage in many jurisdictions, and 
that's a
turn restriction, not an access restriction. in  a perfect world, that's 
how we'd have
tagged all of these.

the actual language in the NYS vehicle code (Article 23, section 1104) 
is this:

    (b) The driver of an authorized emergency vehicle may:
    4.  Disregard  regulations governing directions of movement or turning
        in specified directions.

this has nothing to do with ignoring access=no or access=private, and everything
to do with ignoring turn restrictions and oneway indications when responding
to an emergency.

so my suggestion is:


for u-turns that are currently frequently marked private or no, as a temporary
expedient, and recommend in the section of the access page moving to no u-turn
turn restrictions in the long term.

i also recommend that access=emergency tags be deployed in association with
source:access tags that give the authority, e.g.

source:access=NYS VAT Article 23 Section 1104 (b) 4.


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