[Tagging] access=emergency revisited

Kytömaa Lauri lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi
Thu Nov 22 17:38:43 GMT 2012

>specifically, no U-turn is the common signage in many jurisdictions, and that's a
>turn restriction, not an access restriction. in  a perfect world, that's how we'd have

Mostly "we" are interested in the result, not the signs. It's the traffic code's 
limitation, that their best option is to forbid the turn, but the result is the
same: generally nobody may use the u-turn connector, but emergency vehicles can.

As for overloading, is there an imaginable case where a way tagged highway=*
acts as an emergency=fire_hydrant, or any of the other values listed? Afair, 
the key emergency was first used as an access group, and the 
"emergency facilities" were only later grouped under a single key.


"Emergency vehicles" are a "by use" category - as the Key:access page refers to them.
It's better as a key.

Here some effectively pedestrian ways into apartment building yards are 
signposted as a (literally) "rescue road" - that's emergency=designated.
It doesn't by itself stop anyone else using it when they need to haul 
something heavy, but the signs make it clear to anybody that parking
there will block the fire engine/ladder car from reaching some houses.
(There's a no parking icon included in the traffic sign to make it
understandable even for foreigners).


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