[Tagging] access=emergency revisited

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Fri Nov 23 01:01:58 GMT 2012

I have been using mkgmap for about 3 years.  I am not clear on it doing
turn restrictions, because the garmin format is reverse-engineered, and
the new version not understood.  I am unaware of any other GPSr units
being capable of being translated to.

It's certainly possible to have a style file that converts tags to
yes/no for a vehicle or class and to build per-class maps as normal
mode.  That's probably quite sensible; you can put the logic to convert
tags to yes/no (based on whatever you need, and tag that) in mkgmap
style files, and thus not be bothered by lack of precision in the

In tagging, people often ask "how should I express this", and I usually
instead think "what shall we define the semantics to mean, and how will
all the data consumers interpret those tags".

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