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2012/11/22 A.Pirard.Papou <A.Pirard.Papou at gmail.com>

>  On the other hand it would be possible to join them to the ways, since
> the ways need to be split anyway as the maxspeed changes there.
> Ouch. They are POIs, so, often near the middle of the way, probably at a
> school door.
> The best you could do is extend them by 100 m both side.
> That would mean that the POIs' data wouldn't be flashing, that nobody
> would care to check and that real bogus data would have been introduced

like written before: either they are features (i.e. traffic signs) and then
worth putting them into OSM or they are POI points somewhere in the middle
of a way that has a certain maxspeed restriction, than they are pretty
useless IMHO (they don't tell you neither the direction of the speed limit,
nor the start or end), and I'd not import them. You could put them in OSB
to encourage people to do a survey for speed limits there (but even that
has limited usefulness).

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