[Tagging] Clean-up the seamark landmark tags on the wiki (and perhaps later in the db)

Georg Feddern osm at bavarianmallet.de
Sat Nov 24 14:23:28 GMT 2012


Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with the SeaMap, I'm just a coast dweller.

Am 23.11.2012 11:48, schrieb Frederik Ramm:
> True - a cemetery is a cemetery and whether or not cemeteries are used 
> as landmarks by seamen doesn't change that.

I do not see, that the seamark:xxx=cemetery will replace the 
landuse=cemetery, so I do not see a fearable change there.
I see that there is a notable difference for navigating purposes 
possible - not every cemetery on the sea is automagically a seamark:xxx 
- but I may be corrected here.

> It is inconceivable to have something tagged "landuse=cemetery" and 
> "seamark:landmark:category=ferris_wheel".

Please keep on the spur - no one talks about such main differences - but 
you cannot tag two different impacts with just one simple tag.

> Furthermore, is "landmark" really something that can be sensibly 
> limited to the scope of naval tagging? Can there be something that is 
> a landmark for navigation on water but not a landmark for other 
> purposes, and vice versa?

Living in Karlsruhe this is said easily - no pun intended - but living 
at the coast I know of the differences even I am no 'seaman'.
Yes, I consider some landmarks only visible on land and some 
seamark:landmark only visible by sea.
The problem is, to distinguish those at the 'border strip'.

> Will OpenSeaMap soon start adding "seamark:type=shop", 
> "seamark:shop=convenience" to existing "shop=convenience" objects if 
> these shops can be used by sailors?

Now I think you draw a 'Black man' (bogeyman) on a black wall ...

> We have bothered much about that as long as OpenSeaMap tagged offshore 
> stuff but I think we cannot tolerate this on the 30% of the world 
> surface that have 99.9% of the data ;)

Well, 'routable maps' and 'navigation charts' are for quite the same 
purpose - but each need there own special tags sometimes, may be even on 
the same object.

I do not see that some(!) additional data on a border strip is really a 
problem here.


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