[Tagging] agglomération

Kytömaa Lauri lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi
Mon Nov 26 12:22:50 GMT 2012

>Simone Saviolo:
 if you "need" to tag the maxspeed anyway, then what's the point of that tag?

It's not about the maxspeed, but the area that supposed to be considered "urban", and interesting in itself.

The rural/urban distinction affects other rules, even outside of the traffic code. 

Here the traffic rule differences are, at least the following:
- no honking in urban areas, except in case of danger
- no unnecessary(!) driving in urban areas
- no parking on marked priority roads in rural areas.
- in rural areas, only marked junctions (guideposts or a traffic sign) forbid overtaking
- different rules for lights in parked cars
- stricter rules about distances between slow vehicles in rural areas

Examples of non-traffic implications include
- dogs always on leash in urban areas, and one must collect the poop (with conditions).
- (disruptive) drinking forbidden in urban areas
- smaller traffic signs allowed in urban areas, with less spacing between them, and between them and the road

Even the state funding for municipalities depends somehow on the population within the urban area, among many other things.


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